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With a Financing network, K R Consulting Group can put you in the right direction to obtain the financing that you need for your growth. K R Consulting Group is committed to providing you with integrated financial solutions that Create, Protect and Realize value for your company. We believe that the best way to earn your business is to respond effectively to your specific needs. We'll ensure your financial strategies are aligned with your business strategies and develop a comprehensive financing solution that will help you meet your goals.

K R Consulting Group has correspondent relationships with bank and non-bank institutional lenders to structure and place non-conforming commercial loans. 'Non-conforming' means either

  • Applicant does not qualify for standard financing, or
  • Loan structure itself is non-standard
  • Multiple lenders financing in conjunction with an SBA 7(a) or 504 loan.
  • Pre-IPO mezzanine financing
  • Multiple financing entities and/or guarantors for an Industrial Revenue Bond (IRB)
  • Hard money loans

Lines of Credit

K R Consulting Group can assist you with obtaining lines of credit from lenders which will provide ready cash to help you meet short-term funding needs, such as increasing inventory, dealing with seasonal cash flow issues, or taking advantage of unexpected opportunities. You pay interest on the outstanding principal balance each month, and you can access your line by writing a check or making a phone transfer to our lenders business checking account.


If your credit needs are modest, K R Consulting Group can assist you with a fast, convenient, and affordable way to access the funds your business requires. We can get the appropriate lenders in place for you.

Lines range from $250,000 to $1,000,000.


At K R Consulting Group , a Business Equity Line can be obtained. We allow you to use your residential real estate to qualify for short- or long-term credit. Since the loan remains in your business's name, it helps you keep your business and personal expenses separate.

Available credit ranges from $500,000 to $5,000,000.00


For growing businesses that need a consistent source of capital, K R Consulting Group can assist you with obtaining a Traditional Line of Credit. Our lenders provide flexible financing at competitive rates.

Lines range from $500,000 to $25,000,000.00

Mezzanine Finance

K R Consulting Group can assist you in obtaining Mezzanine Finance. Designed for later stage companies with positive cash flow, our placements are most commonly used to finance one-time "event" moments in a company's history - for instance, business successions, acquisitions or high growth expansion - and are generally concluded as one part of a more complete financial solution. An inexpensive alternative to raising additional equity, mezzanine funds are typically more patient than traditional bank debt and can greatly increase a company's financial flexibility.

Franchise Financing

As one of the fastest growing methods of business expansion in the US, Canada and the UK, business format and brand name franchising can help you grow your business. Franchise financing enables you to combine your proven concept and operating systems with the local market expertise and capital of your franchisee.

Our financing assistance is as unique as your business. We offer customized financing packages for all types of owner-operated business systems if you're considering franchising as an alternative source of capital or as a means to lower your leverage.

Asset Based Lending

Asset-based financing may offer greater credit availability and flexibility for your business through customized loan arrangements secured by accounts receivable, inventory and fixed assets. We will assist you with the best asset based lender in our network. We are committed to providing your company with the best overall financing solution, including limited or no financial covenants and the ability to commit to, fully underwrite and syndicate large transactions.

Asset-based financing could be right for your company if:

  • you are a medium to large sized business.
  • you are involved in a cyclical industry or typically have lower operating margins.
  • you require capital to finance sales growth, acquisition financing, debt financing or restructuring, or turnaround financing.
  • you are looking to raise capital in a less costly way than bringing in an equity partner.
  • you want to take advantage of growth opportunities.