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Real Estate Consultants and Financing

K R Consulting Group offers a complete range of services on a local, regional, national and international basis to tenants, owners, and investors. Our areas of expertise are in Hotels, Hotel Casinos, Mass Property Rollups, Large Land Acquisitions, Commercial Buildings, Inner City Development, Redevelopment of Devastated Areas, Title work and Real Estate Auctions.

The foundation of our global service is the strength and depth of our local offices. Every client - global, international, regional or national - depends on our ability to draw on years of direct experience in the local market. Our professionals know their communities and the real estate market, inside and out, and provide you with knowledgeable, creative solutions to all your real estate needs.

K R Consulting Group will advise you where to seek the best Real Estate Financing, the best area or zoning for your project and the right investors or Investment Banks to solidify your transaction. Real Estate offers a range of options for your company whether you are involved in residential and commercial land development, construction of industrial, commercial and residential projects, or simply wish to maximize the value of your corporate real estate assets. As of recent, K R Consulting Group has solidified a strategic partnership with Prestige Title. This will enable the proper Title insurance on projects from 10 million to over 3 billion USD.

Global, international, regional or national real estate can represent a significant portion of your company's balance sheet, even though managing these assets may not be your core business. K R Consulting Group will assist you and put you in the right direction with the proper experience to provide creative solutions to help your company extract maximum value from its real estate assets throughout its entire life cycle or add to your portfolio with the right project.

K R Consulting Group can find you the best lender, investor or Investment Bank if:

  • Your company requires financing for new development, merger or acquisition, restructuring, and/or private placement.
  • Your company currently owns or leases its facilities.
  • Your company has specialized facilities and/or location requirements.
  • Your current facility/structure cannot accommodate future growth.

The following is a list of our Real Estate services

Corporate Solutions

Today, corporations are operating in a challenging business climate, managing client demands, mergers and acquisitions, and customized facilities management in today's climate of tight fiscal constraints. K R Consulting Group 's corporate services team is focused on providing creative solutions to the challenging real estate requirements of corporate clients. Our very qualified professionals work in partnership with our clients to provide individualized services designed to increase efficiency, reduce costs and allow our clients to focus on their core business activities.

While each client assignment requires a cooperative team, we offer a single point of accountability. One of the firms partners will be responsible for coordinating the services required to solve your real estate challenges. Your individual executive works directly with a partner and with professionals worldwide; assuring that each assignment is completed with the quality you have come to expect from K R Consulting Group .

Retail Services

K R Consulting Group 's Retail Services provides creative solutions to the challenging real estate requirements of retailers and developers alike. Our experienced team of retail professionals works in partnership with our clients to enhance the value and performance of their real estate with market research, technology and intimate knowledge of the communities they serve. Most recently, K R Consulting Group has been making its mark as a consultancy leader in providing a broad range of commercial real estate services to retailers, including site selection, acquisition and disposition, tenant representation, advisory services, retail investments and property management.

Investment Services

K R Consulting Group is among the industry leaders in providing investment opportunities to its clients with a wide range of Investment Banks to a broad range of institutional and private clients. K R Consulting Group has been negotiating billions of dollars in investment opportunities for its clients and to its Investment Banks. With a vast network of Investment Banks and Hedge Funds, K R Consulting Group will assist you in obtaining your financing.


K R Consulting Group provides a broad range of consulting services, including referral to appraisal serivces, valuation, Title, zoning, land auction and professional services. To learn more about our consulting services please contact a K R Consulting Group professional at your local office.

Development and Project Management

K R Consulting Group offers development and project management services for both institutional owners and corporate clients. We will customize a Development Management team that will operate as your representative during the project, keeping in mind our clients' requirements for long-term occupancy and use. Our objective has always been to maximize the economic value and utility of a client's asset.

To learn more about our development and project management solutions in a local area, please contact your local K R Consulting Group office.

Auction Services

K R Consulting Group works hand in hand with Lawyers Realty & Auctions, a registered Real Estate brokerage and NAA Auctioneer. LRA is an attorney owned and operated, full service and diversified, real estate auction organization. As a professional organization K R Consulting Group and the LRA team includes attorneys, real estate brokers, lenders, accountants, financial advisors, and other specialists. As a vertical organization with the combined K R Consulting Group experience is set on delivering unconventional solutions to the real estate marketplace. The combination of expertise provided by our team members allows real estate seller, buyers, brokers, lenders and the trade we serve to enjoy the ultimate in professional resources.

Title Insurance

K R Consulting Group , with its exclusive partner will assist in a very important part of your purchase or project. Title insurance is a policy issued by a title insurance company that provides you legal and financial protection against hidden risks unknown at the time of the property purchase. Any hidden risks (e.g., forged or missing documents, mistakes in recording legal documents, and liens for unpaid estate, inheritance, income, or gift taxes) could potentially lead to loss of title to the property and a significant financial loss.

Title insurance will pay for defending you against any lawsuits attacking the title as insured, and will either clear up title problems or pay the insured's losses. For a one-time fee, a buyer's title insurance policy remains in effect as long as the insured, or the insured's heirs, retain an interest in the property, or have any obligations under a warranty in any conveyance of it.